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January 1st, 2010 at 12:00am
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I love masks!   
August 23rd, 2008 at 5:35pm

I use mask almost everyday! *when I'm not lazy. Sometimes even twice a day! Shall review all the masks I've tried before.

1. Queen Helene Mint Julep
– supposedly the most popular mask in the States and it’s great for oily skin. Spread it on and wash off when dried.
Pros: It. Really. Worked. Invisible pores, pimples dried out, whatever imagined. AND CHEAP!
Cons: None really. Just that I have to purchase it online
Verdict: I have no idea why I stopped using this.

2. Niu Er Red wine mask – Gel like and it stays wet on the face when applied. Supposedly will improve blood circulation and have antioxidant properties or whatever..
Pros: nice cooling feeling on the face. Did provide a bit of radiance
Cons: not really for me. Only available in Taiwan
Verdict: I better throw my tub away soon. I’m sure it’s expired by now!

3. St Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask – Something like Queen Helene Mint Julep
Pros: it does its job. Using it probably like once a week when I need to deep clean my pores!
Cons: none really. I like it
Verdict: will buy again. In fact I already have backups for this. It was only $5.40 during the sales.

4. St Ives Hydroxy peel off mask – Forms a thin film and dries off. As the name suggest it should chemically exfoliate the skin. Go study chemistry.
Pros: NICE apple smell!
Cons: results not visible easily but I’m sure there are results
Verdict: As I know exfoliation is very important to maintain healthy skin, this is ok. But I prefer Aspirin.

5. Chocolate epilating mask – Spread on a thick layer and peel off. Right. That makes it sound easy but..
Pros: SMELLS DELICIOUS! Like chocolate. Duh..
Cons: IT’S A BITCH WHEN PEELING OFF. I felt my whole face being ripped off. But nevertheless that’s its efficacy right?
Verdict: I have low pain threshold. Haha. I’ll only use it when I’m feeling daring.

6. Nivea – it’s the paste kind where you have to spread it on your face and it doesn’t dry
Pros: cheap
Cons: messy. Didn’t really work for me
Verdict: will not buy again

7. Garnier Light peel off mask – it forms a thin film and has to be peeled off.
Pros: err no idea. Cheap maybe
Cons: I don’t like the smell and I don’t really think it worked.

8. Burts Bee’s pore refining mask – Powder form. Mix it was water or other fluids like tomato juice or whatever and then spread onto face and it dries. It err refines pores. Really.
Pros: can mix it with anything! To make it suit your skin type.
Cons: Mixing can be tedious. Especially if it gets too diluted.
Verdict: provides me about the same effect as St Ives Mineral Clay Firming mask. Won’t get another one when this runs out.

9. Neutrogena Deep Hydrating - Highly raved. A sheet mask. But I only tried it once thus can’t comment much
Pros: It used to be $1.95 at Watsons! Used to. Hydrates well
Cons: hmm.. none? But now it’s not that cheap anymore!
Verdict: I hope to see this at $1.95 again!!

10. Neutrogena Fine Fairness – Also highly raved. A sheet mask.
Pros: I got this at $1.95 from Guardian
Cons: But I suspect it has expired -_-
Verdict: Ok lah not bad. Will buy if I’m rich.

11. Ettusais Medicated Whitening Mask – a sheet mask. Comes in the form of 2 pieces with different formulations; T-zone mask will be for oil control and U-zone for hydrating.
Pros: innovative 2 piece idea
Cons: Sadly for that price, the effect has not been as good as other cheaper masks.
Verdict: will not buy again! Luckily I had 20% discount back then.

12. Za true white essence mask – a sheet mask. For whitening. Highly raved
Pros: full of serum and the price is.. still reasonable!
Cons: actually none
Verdict: I used like many boxes of this mask! Was my staple before I discovered many other masks. It does lighten. Shall buy again one day!

13. Watsons Bird’s Nest mask – a sheet mask. Also highly raved. Hydrating and.. I don’t know what it’s supposed to do.
Pros: fits on face quite well. Hydrates and all..
Cons: actually none I can think of.
Verdict: Bought it on national day when it went for 2 for $4.30! WILL buy more when Watsons is having sale!!

14. Kose Sekkisei lotion mask – put the dry and compressed lotion mask into the cap and pour sekkisei lotion inside. It will expand into a mask. (COOL!!) Sekkisei lotion is very highly raved and popular.
Pros: the credit goes to the lotion actually. Really brightens / whitens the skin!
Cons: expensiveeeeeeeee. High alcohol content.
Verdict: of course I will use it again! Got 2 140ml bottles of the lotion for $23 each during the promotion.

15. Aspirin - aloe vera mask – dissolve 2 aspirin in aloe vera. No water needed. Spread onto face and rub a bit.
Cons: stings the eyes a bit but who cares
Verdict: Love this. The grainy texture will act as a physical exfoliate while the salicylic acid should chemically exfoliate the skin. I love the effect! I believe the chemical exfoliate properties is the cause of the great results observed.

16. Honey – Aspirin mask – same as above but the aspirin has to be water dissolved first. Honey is also a popular DIY treatment due to antioxidant properties I think.
Pros: erm. Quite good
Cons: it’s so messy! The honey was dripping all over my face.. into my brows.. and even onto my clothes. And the aspirin doesn’t dissolve in honey.
Verdict: I’ll use aloe.

17. DD collagen all in one – Sheet mask. hydrates well, does its job. Skin feels more supple and sooth zits too.
Pros: very cheap. Now it’s even attainable at $0.80?
Cons: I hate the shape of the mask sheet
Verdict: nah will not use again.

18. DD citronella – sheet mask. Hydrates and controls oil.
Pros: very cheap. And it works for oil control!
Cons: I hate the shape of the mask sheet
Verdict: I’ll use it when I have to.

Other DD mask – I don’t like the results. No comments

19. XJMR (TNTC, so shall generalized it) – Most variety of flavours. Sheet mask. Arbutin is highly raved for whitening properties and I have used like 7 of them.
Pros: very cheap. As cheap as DD mask now.
Cons: the shape of the sheet sucks too! this one is too big and I often have serum spilling out. And the effect is not that obvious sadly.
Verdict: Will not buy again.

20. Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose – sheet mask. For brightening and hydrating
Pros: I LOVE IT. Hydrates well. Skin is left soft and supple and more radiant. Great smell too.
Cons: can’t buy in Singapore!
Verdict: Will buy a lot of this. It’s actually very cheap in Taiwan.

21. Beauty Diary Pearl Extract – sheet mask. for brightening of skin
Pros – ok lah but with the other flavours being better than this it’s pale in comparison
Cons: can’t buy in Singapore!
Verdict: will not buy because I prefer others

22. Beauty Diary Red Wine – sheet mask. for radiance
Pros: NICE SMELL. Love the smell.
Cons: didn’t really have the effect I looked for in masks
Verdict: won’t buy

23. Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol – sheet mask. For hydrating and at the same time refines pores
Pros: nice apple smell! And it really reduces oiliness and smaller pores observed!
Cons: none
Verdict: will stock up.

24. Beauty Diary Black Pearl – sheet mask. For hydrating and brightening I think..
Pros: WORKS DAMN WELL! Was so please with the effect. I used it after toning with sekkisei lotion. Not sure which gave the effect or was it from both.
Cons: none
Verdict: will buy like a lot a lot a lot of this.

25. Beauty Diary Cooling – sheet mask. Refreshing and cooling.
Pros: nice peppermint smell! Very cooling on the face and can freshens a tired face.
Cons: no other noticeable property like brightening or whatever
Verdict: will buy again! Good for use on hot weather.

26. Beauty Diary Provence Lavender – sheet mask. It says it can promote better sleep and is suitable for sensitive skin.
Pros: lavender scent not too strong. Won’t cause a headache
Cons: ok none. I didn’t like it. But generally Beauty Diary masks have good fitting shape on my face so it’s ok.
Verdict: won’t buy!

27. Beauty Diary Platinum Nanocolliod – sheet mask. Hydrating and anti aging etc..
Pros: fits the face perfectly! Best fit amongst all other sheet masks. Nice effect too.
Cons: it’s more expensive than other Beauty Diary masks
Verdict: will buy if I have money!

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